About US

We are growers, packers and exporters of fresh produce of Sweet Potato from tissue culture and spring onions. Our uniqueness stems from taking advantage of sand soils, known for their moderate conditions all year round and leveraging Egypt’s long warm seasons – both have given us the opportunity to grow high quality produce for 10 months of the year (Inc. January, February and March).

Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a global network powerhouse to transform agriculture into a sustainable activity. AgroGreen believes in the power of farmers, working together to provide a sustainable agricultural ecosystem.

Our Vision

Our Vision of the world entails contributing to biodiversity conservation and sustainable livelihood. To make it happen, we rely on our local supply chain to accelerate our global presence as partners on a journey of commitment and sustainability.


We are proud to be a member-led company established in Egypt combining global and local reach. Collectively, we are proud of the range of products we deliver to global consumers and hold ourselves accountable in delivering quality, flexibility and cost-effectiveness in all we do.

  • Integrity – We are consistent in all we say and promise.
  • Accountability – We are transparent in all our commitments.
  • Empowerment – By supporting and working alongside a network of local partners, we are able to offer consistent quality services at a great value.
  • Innovation – We thrive on developing innovative ways to improve the sustainability of agriculture.

Certifications & Memberships





Food expert



Our expertise in product services, logistics and state-of–the-art technology make us the choice partner to many global companies and leading supermarkets.

  • Agro Green was established in 2018 with a paid up ordinary share capital of EGP 10 million.
  • We invest mainly in potato cultivation from tissue culture in sandy soil.
  • Our team had over 20 years of experience in planting, packing and exporting agricultural crops to the European market


Inbound & Outbound Logistics

As committed, we supply our fresh products of sweet potato and spring onions via air and seas ports.

We operate a service whereby all products are kept at or below 14 degrees Celsius throughout the entire supply chain. We do this through the use of refrigerated transport, air and sea port temperature controlled holding facilities, temperature controlled Packing centers and the use of carefully tested thermal insulation packaging.

We have sufficient capabilities to adhere to a variety of specifications and throughout our local supply chain we have the capacity to deliver our fresh sweet potatoes and spring onions